Hello Castaic AYSO parents,
Now that the 2017 season is over, we would like to get your feedback on your player's experience this fall.  This survey is anonymous, and your honest positive, neutral or constructively negative feedback will help us make improvements in the year to come.
This survey is anonymous, and the results will be used to identify areas needed for coach training and improvement.  There are also some questions about your overall experience with the region.

The "raw data" will be seen by our Regional Commissioner (John Richard), Coach Administrator (Jason Coffey), and Referee Administrator (and survey-maker) Jonathan Burk.  Using the raw data, we will share the results as appropriate (and edited for brevity, clarity or language) with other Board members and coaches.

If you had more than one player in the program on different teams, please fill out the form once for each coach.

You can scroll through the survey and skip any questions that you want, or go back and change your answers.  Pressing "Enter" will automatically take you to the next question.

When you're done, click "Submit" at the bottom.

There are 15 questions.

Let's get started!

What age group did your player play in?

If you had more than one player with different coaches, please fill out the coach part of the survey for each player and coach.  Or just fill out a survey for the coach the you most want to leave feedback for.

In general, were the practices good?

Did your player have fun and improve their soccer skills?
If "yes", please share what you liked the most.  If "no", please explain what could have been better.

In general, were the games a positive experience?

While we do our best to balance the teams, sometimes certain teams struggle and others do very well.  Regardless of whether you won, lost or tied individual games (or all your games), overall, were the games a positive experience?
If "no", please share with us what could have been better.

Overall, what were your favorite things about your coach?

Overall, what could your coach have improved on?

If you were the coach: how was your experience coaching?

Is there anything the region could have done to make your job easier? (If your initial thoughts involve better referees, please keep in mind the referees are volunteers, and the best way to get better referees is to get more coaches and parents to volunteer and become better referees).
If this is your first (or only) time filling out the survey, please continue.

If you had more than one player and are filling this survey out for an "additional coach" and already completed the survey once, you can stop here.  Scroll to the bottom and click "Submit"

In general, what did you (and your player) like most about playing in Castaic AYSO?

In general, what did you (or your player) think could be improved in the program?

This is your chance.  If you have a comment about anything, please share it here.  Don't hold back.
We played 9 games this season (not counting play-offs).  Sometimes we've played 10 or 11.  Did you feel like 9 games was a good length for the season?

Would you be willing to attend a board meeting or help out in another way?

Castaic AYSO is a volunteer-run program.  In addition to coaches and referees, we need volunteers and Board Members to help with fundraising, maintaining the web-site, towing the equipment trailer, setting up the fields during the season, and many other tasks.
Since this is an anonymous survey, if the answer to the last question was "yes", please send an email to us with your name and simply saying "I'm willing to volunteer."


We'll be in touch!
Do you plan on returning for the Castaic AYSO Fall 2018 season?

If "No" or "Not Sure", please let us know why.

That's it!  Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey, and thank you for participating in the program.

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